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little tip for stress.

if you are laying in bed thinking about all the things you have due the next day or next week—-or even month.

it helps to write things down in a list and check them off as you go.

as you write them down, your thoughts will be organized and you will realize that there may not be as many things on that list as you thought. Keeping them all jumbled in your mind can just scare you more because sometimes the mind isnt good at keeping things in order..

get it out :)

7 months in a coma.

today the braindamaged boy i was talking about in an earlier post was at the gym today working out by himself and was having trouble with one of the machines, so i offered to help him. I then went on about my business on a leg machine workout. He came over and i asked him if he needed anymore help. and he told me “no I am just noticing that i can lift like 10X more weight than you.” hahaha ouch. he got in the chair and definitely lifted the maximum amount on that machine. and proceeded to the next and said it needed more weight on it ahahha

he was in a car accident about 3 yrs ago and was in a coma for 7 months.

and here I am complaining that I don’t want to get up and go to school or go to work. I am so blessed. living in a free country no matter how much we complain that it isnt free. Just look at where we live.. Just to be able to walk is a daily miracle..

…who do i think I am. 

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